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Security and guarding
Security and guarding

Our advantages

Smart depends on the qualified human element in the first place because we believe that technology, no matter how advanced it is, the human element will remain the basic element in the effectiveness of the security system as it is the user and operator of it.

In order to achieve a distinguished level of service, we considered the inliidual as him Axis of security so we did the following

  • Setting specific criteria when selecting inliiduals.
  • Developing the skills of inliiduals.
  • Pay attention to continuous training to acquire new skills and develop old skills.
  • Establish an operating system that fits with the nature of each organization to achieve the goal.
  • Establish a monitoring and follow-up system for security personnel with good supervisors working 24 hours.
  • Develop plans and programs for personnel training.
  • Using modern security equipment to implement security measures.
  • Providing an operating room in the company (telephones - mobile phones - radios).
  • Providing social and health insurance for the security officer, so that the financial and administrative burdens on the security personnel and the contracting party are reduced.
  • Provide the books prepared for registration (events - conditions - services).
  • Providing high frequency wireless devices licensed by the National Telecommunications Authority.