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Smart for security and guarding

Smart Security and Guarding is an Egyptian joint stock company subject to the provisions of Law 159 of 1981, established with a licensed capital of two million five hundred thousand Egyptian pounds, and it is one of the companies specialized in the work of guarding and securing facilities from within. And this is in accordance with Law No. 86 of 2015 and Ministerial Resolution No. 133 of 2016, which is authorized to practice security and guarding from the Ministry of Interior and all concerned authorities within the Arab Republic of Egypt.


Smart Security and Guarding provides integrated security advice to our clients through a team of professionals

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Security and guarding

Smart Security Solutions is considered the best in securing facilities, conferences, personal and public parties and exhibitions, and insurance services may be limited to one day, hours, or years-long insurance contracts. Alarm and others.

  • Security cameras.
  • Fire alarm.
  • Electronic security gates.
  • Metal detection and vehicle inspection systems.
  • Provide security and guard personnel who must meet criteria such as “Get training.

Security and guarding

Security systems

Where we provide many solutions to control entry and exit in institutions that require permits. In this, the concept of security systems comes to express everything that would ensure and maintain public security and safety in a place. Under this name there are three sections of the regulations that work together to obtain the maximum degree of public security, and they are: -

  • Closed circuit television systems, or what is called (surveillance systems).
  • Access control systems.
  • Intrusion detection systems.

Security systems

Security consulting

Integrated security consulting to our clients through a team of professionals in this field for more than 18 years. There is a great demand for security consulting services, as companies increasingly realize that they need outside help and advice in order to strategically plan and defend against security threats.

  • Assess and identify security threats to the customer's organization.
  • Provide advice on the adequacy of current security measures, defenses and operations, and identify areas that could be improved.
  • Writing or rewriting policies, security plans, etc.
  • Strategic security planning.
  • Crisis management.
  • Security budget management.
  • Provide security training to staff.
  • Pre-employment check.
  • Employee achievement.
  • Track assets.

Security consulting